I Don’t Believe I Actually Started One Of These Things…

…but  I did. I’m still stumbling around trying to figure out how to organize all the stuff I’m supposed to organize here.

Do not expect great things as of yet. Or even mediocre things. Or any things.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe I Actually Started One Of These Things…

  1. Dear Pat,
    You are my hero, and a damned eloquent one, about something no one talks about.
    What you are doing here for others is great, and I admire you, and your writing about it so consciously. Always have, just not on this subject.
    Escaped the C last year myself, and got my 1st annual OK this month. It was a close thing, but nothing like your travails…

    Having done a fair bit of hospice care over the last 25+ years, I know what’s what, sort of.
    Every friend has been a vastly different experience, even if my job was just being present or available.
    It is a game you go into knowing there is no ‘win” at the end, but I did once, and that is enough to keep me at it. He made it out, and married well, and is happy and secure now.
    It made all the very hard times worth every minute, even if I cannot logically expect another “win”.

    If I may say, you know how fortunate you are to have a partner “No one can embarrass”. Have one myself, and glad of it.

    Please keep up your good work, it is so important, both to you, and to/for others.

    If a big hug is appropriate, you have it and more, with,
    the highest regard and respect,
    E. Ireland Moorhead
    PS. Still doing the daily prayer thing for you, for what it is worth. Makes me feel better somehow anyway, though I couldn’t tell you why. As a life-long Unitarian, this is out of the box stuff for me, but it can’t hurt, and you are well worth it. eim
    831 685 1148

    • Thank you, Elliott. I truly appreciate your good words and the daily prayer. Hug back atcha, including respect and regard.

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