It’s Good News Week

This Thursday will be the halfway point in my course of chemotherapy––three down, three more to go. But there is already good news: the chemo is working.

Since starting chemo six weeks ago, I have lost fourteen pounds (that’s a stone for my British friends, about 7 kilos). Not because I dieted or tried to eat healthy or because I had no appetite; I lost it because the chemo is working.

Without getting too clinical: the form of cancer that I have has resulted in weight gain. The weight loss means the cancer cells are dying off.

The weight loss doesn’t really show. I haven’t suddenly become a sylph. But I’ve noticed I can move around more easily.

Even the small victories count. And when they’re part of a larger victory in the offing, so much the better.


2 thoughts on “It’s Good News Week

  1. That is excellent news! Thank you for adding a bright spot to my day! I am reading a book on cancer research, and as much as I disliked chemistry in high school, it is just an awesome subject when you understand the importance of the chemists and other researchers and their dedication to finding targeted treatments.

  2. Thanks, Jean. I’ve been feeling pretty good so it was great to find out that it was, if you’ll pardon the expression, more than a feeling,

    I’ll know more after my next scan, which comes up in early March, the week before my fourth session of chemo. Fingers crossed that this is only the beginning of something really good.

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