Admit It––

You really hope you have the kind of friends who would make you hats like mine.

Chemo Machine wanted to wear a hat today so I loaned it the Cross-Eyed Dragon. I think the two of us look pretty good together.

I’ve been under the weather but today, I feel better than I have in a couple of weeks. Chemo is usually a very good day for me. I’m pretty sure the hats are enhancing the good effects of the chemo while dampening down the less desirable side effects.

People ask me how I keep my spirits up. Seriously, with friends like mine, how could I not?



4 thoughts on “Admit It––

  1. I particularly like the braids… That’s a very nice touch.

    And, dear lady, as to the slogan on your tee shirt. You don’t need superpowers. You already got ’em!

    • Thanks, Jane. I’d like to have the power to eradicate cancer. Failing that, I’d just like to fck sh!t up. 😉

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