Yeah, Cancer, You Better Run!

Well, it’s not gone. But it’s a shadow of its former self. I start on hormone tablets today, which, the oncologist explained, could shrink the remaining cancer cells further or at least keep them at bay…for years. I can’t have any more chemo at the moment and the oncologist thought I might need another unit or two of blood as well. But we’ll see.

Once I’ve had my blood test and picked up my prescription, Chris and I will repair to Yo! Sushi, where I’m going to stuff my face with salmon and sea weed and rice and tuna and all that good stuff. 

Cancer, you are my bitch. What you’re feeling right now? That’s my stiletto heel on your neck.


21 thoughts on “Yeah, Cancer, You Better Run!

  1. Pat, I can’t tell you how pleased I am to read this! Looking forward to more books, more occasional conversations with you at cons, more knowing that you are Pretty Much Okay.

  2. That is great news. My close friend is in cancerland and does not want company or phone calls, so I call periodically to let her know I am still thinking of her.

  3. My thanks to everyone. I’m so exhausted after the day I’ve had, I’m almost too drained to be coherent.

    More on this story as it develops and my brain grows back.

  4. And who knows… if and when it comes back, the research in immunotherapy will be far more advanced than it is now, it won’t be long before you and I may be amongst the last to ever have to endure being half-poisoned to death to save our lives.

    • Just to be clear, Leeโ€“it’s still there. Recurrent uterine cancer can’t be completely eradicated. It can only be held at bay. We are hoping to keep the cancer at its current low level indefinitely.

      • Um. I’m clearly missing something… couldn’t you have the afflicted organ removed?

      • The afflicted organ and other associated parts were removed in 2013 and the doctors pronounced me cured. Unfortunately, I was one of a small percentage of women who experience a recurrence of the same cancer within a year. The organ in question does not have to be present for the cancer to recur.

        The cancer cells are spread throughout my abdominal cavity and cannot be completely eradicated. At the moment, the cancer is at a very low level in my body and we are hoping to keep it that way with medication. I can’t have any more chemo for at least six months. If the medication stabilises the cancer at its current level and prevents it from growing, I won’t need chemo again for a long time.

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