My Birthday Wasn’t All About Cancer

Even though it started with a blood test at the Macmillan Centre, my birthday was all about Chris, and sushi and sake. It was all about my weight-loss making more clothes fit better. It was all about walking all over central London without worrying about having to find a place to sit. Well, until after I drank most of a small(-ish) bottle of sake. My back became a bit less tractable for a while but it had shaped up pretty well after the bus ride home.

We visited my stylist Daniel at the Covent Garden Salon to show him my new re-growth. I’m not ready to show the world yet, although Daniel agreed with more than one of my friends that I could go hatless or scarfless. But my new curls––yes, it’s coming in kinda curly to start with––just aren’t quite there yet for me, not enough that I want to show them off. 

But I want to show off my walking. I want to get back on my recumbent exercise bike with my music and pedal madly while my imagination runs wild, feel my heart pound. Feel good.

As I said however many entries ago, when I feel good, I know better than to waste time feeling bad. I guess what cancer taught me is how much more often I can let myself feel good––and how to choose feeling good over the alternative.

Okay, so maybe my birthday, like every day, is at least a little about cancer. Well, what the hell––you work with the tools you’ve got.


8 thoughts on “My Birthday Wasn’t All About Cancer

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  2. Belated Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a lovely day. 🙂

    My hair has also grown back curly. And very grey. Must get some dye on it. I was going to dye it red, but husband pointed out that I might look like Ronald McDonald, so I may do purple instead. I hate looking like a granny (even though I am one!)

    • Mine is salt-and-pepper with a whole lot more salt than pepper. I figure in another two months, I can start using gel on it.

      The advantage of having hair that is mostly white is, there’s no need to bleach it any more. I may try out some temporary colours, just for fun.

      • Yep, that is the one advantage! I’ve been mostly dying it blue/black over the last few years (old goth here!) to avoid having to use bleach.
        We’ve got the latest SFX magazine, and I was looking at the cover when it dawned on me that my hair currently, is exactly like Peter Cappaldi’s!

    • Like Jack Daniels, I celebrate for the entire month of September. So by my measurement, you haven’t missed a thing.

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