I Didn’t Get The Miracle But I Got The Next Best Thing

The tumour markers in my blood have decreased to nearly half of what they were at my last appointment. The hormones are working.

The doctor I saw, one of those on my oncologist’s team, told me that they don’t know how long the hormones will continue to work but, of course, this bodes very well for me. I’ll come back in ten weeks, have another blood test, and we’ll go from there. So my life is measured out not in coffee spoons but in ten-week increments.

Good enough. I’ll take it.

As Chris and I were leaving, we ran into the oncologist herself, who was all smiles, too. She had seen my results, she said, and she was very pleased. But, she added, she was even more pleased to see me looking so well. I look great, she told me, and that’s as important as anything else.

Also good enough; I’ll take that, too.


39 thoughts on “I Didn’t Get The Miracle But I Got The Next Best Thing

  1. I’m so happy to read these words of joy! It’s a wonderful thing to hear/read that you are progressing so well in your recovery, and feeling so well too! This news makes me happier than anything I’ve read in a very long time, except your fiction, of course.
    Pat, I’m hoping, sacrificing and even praying for your continued improvement and that you manage to enjoy the rest of your new life to the fullest. And, hey, if you’re able to bang out another story or two along the way, well, that’d be great, too!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely words.

      I know that the tremendous support I’ve received from friends has given me the strength to fight this thing.

  2. Holy Hot Tuna! I’ve always said, no one knows hormones like you, toots. Now please continue to kick ass and take names…. Already in progress…😊

    • Hey, that’s my job. As I said somewhere above, I’m happy to know those night-sweats ain’t fer nothin’.

      And wait till you see new svelte me. Well, svelter-than-before me. Not-quite-as-Reubenesque me, anyway.

      Plus I have HAIR!

  3. Yayyy. I’ve been holding my breath as you (I’m sure) had been holding yours). Lovely news. And looking forward to you showing off your new hair!

    • Thanks, Ellen. It has grown out more since you saw me so now it’s more like an actual ‘do than hair-in-recovery. 😉

    • I took my new hair out to eat with Rob this evening. He said it looked pretty good. He’s never seen me with hair this short, although I think it’s grown a whole inch since Sasquan.

      Anyway, the head-scarves are off for good now, and I’ve decided to go bright white.

  4. Great news! I was so happy to see you at WorldCon. You looked great then, so I can only imagine how fabulous you look now?

    • Thanks, sweetie!

      It’s nice to hear you say that because I’ve read it more than twice myself, just to make sure I didn’t imagine it. 😉

    • Thanks, honey!

      Like Jack Daniels, I celebrate my birthday for the entire month of September, so your good wishes aren’t really belated as far as I’m concerned. 😉

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