Well, as I agreed with my editors, “Chilling” has had to come down as of today, 27 December. But you can find it in Horrorology, edited by Stephen Jones and published by Jo Fletcher Books (follow the link to find more wonderful things to read).

Meanwhile, here’s the table of contents for Horrorology:

Accursed by Robert Shearman
Afraid by Clive Barker––who also provided illustrations
Afterlife by Michael Marshall Smith
Chilling by Pat Cadigan
Decay by Mark Samuels
Fearless by Joanne Harris
Forgotten by Muriel Gray
Guignol by Kim Newman
Nightmare by Ramsey Campbell
Possessions by Reggie Oliver
Ripper by Angela Slatter
Vastation by Lisa Tuttle––who chose a word completely new to me

If you think I’m proud to be on that list, you’re right!

Also, I should apologise for my vanity in not taking down the good comments I received. I know I should be more modest. So far, the best I’ve been able to do is to apologise for that particular shortcoming. Baby steps.



20 thoughts on “Sorry!

  1. Typo. “I checked tor a corroborating story in the Times or Star.”
    Pretty sure you wanted a for in there.

    • Thanks for that! I’ll wander back in and fix it later.

      I swear there are never any typos when my stories are published. However, the magazines or books they appear in always end up next to some other book or magazine where the text does have typos, and the next thing you know, my stuff has caught them like a cold.

      I’m not the only writer who has had to deal with the problem of typo contagion. Someday we’ll have reliable inoculation on the character/digit level. Spell-check tries but you have to watch it like a hawk or you’ll end up looking stupid through no fault of your own. Just yesterday, I had to doggedly keep spell-check from changing all my correct its to incorrect it’s. (In fact, I just had to do it again in the previous sentence.)

      Don’t get me wrong––I really like spell-check but sometimes its a big plain in the assets. I mean, it’s a big pal in the association.

      Oh, the he’ll with it.

      • *snicker*
        I’ve pretty much had to come to terms with spending more time fixing typos than I do writing! 😉

  2. I don’t think somebody would have said “sex worker” in 1980 but that’s a minor quibble. Otherwise, a great creepy story. Thanks!

  3. Loved it for so many reasons. When you want to read faster than your eyes are working, you know it’s good.

  4. Thanks for this winter treat Pat C. You write up people that I’m always glad to meet 🙂 As I’m always too hot or getting cold for no reason, I fear this story will trouble me for years to come… If anything happens, I’ll turn to you for antidote.

  5. I loved it Pat! I think it would make a great hour long TV show. That’s meant as a complement, hope its taken as such!

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