Cancer Dancer

…is the title of my story in the anthology Dead Letters, edited by the outrageous and brilliant Conrad Williams, out next month from Titan Books.

This is the cover:

So you can see it’s got the quite the list of contributors. I know, I posted this last October but can you really see the cover of a good book too often? Hell, no!

Conrad has been running teasers for the book on his blog. I found this one today:

The thing about London is…
It’s teaser #6 in a series, so you can check out the other five, and wait for more.

I am particularly proud of this story. I say that about all my stories and it’s always absolutely true, because all of them have their own stories. I’m proud of this story because I wrote it during chemo––i.e., not while I was being infused but during the first half of the course of chemo. Or rather, the story unfolded and I took dictation.

Memo to editors and publishers: this was a brilliant way to put together an anthology. Let’s have some more of this kind of thing, okay?


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