Only 24 More Shopping Days––

––until my next appointment with the oncologist. And although we’re still in the buying-green-bananas zone, I’m already nervous. Not anxious, nervous.

I’ve had plenty to distract me over the last month. In mid-August, I was Toastmaster––or Toastmaestrix––for the 74th world science fiction convention in Kansas City, a crazy little party called MidAmeriCon 2. The first MidAmeriCon occurred forty years ago and the Guests of Honour were Robert A. Heinlein (pro) and George Barr (fan), with Wilson ‘Bob’ Tucker as Toastmaster. I was the liaison between the Heinleins and the committee, and also the pretty girl in an evening gown who brought the envelopes out to Bob Tucker so he could announce the Hugo winners. I’d always hoped that Tucker would live long enough so he could be my pretty girl with the envelopes but after a lifetime of smoking, drinking, and chasing women, he died an early death at 92. But author Jan Siegel was perfect as my co-host and I’m sure that somewhere in the multiverse, Bob Tucker was smiling on us.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google ‘MidAmeriConII’, ‘MAC2’, and/or ‘Hugo Awards ceremony 2016’, which may eventually lead you to a bunch of clips on YouTube, including this one from the end of the ceremony:

The silver fox on the left is yours truly; my lovely co-host is Jan Siegel, aka ‘the bimbo in the red dress’ or simply ‘KevinTheBimbo’, author of Prospero’s Children, The Sangreal Trilogy, and most recently, The Devil’s Apprentice. Yes, some guy actually called her a bimbo. Her response was to punch the air and cheer: ‘I’m sixty years old and someone called me a bimbo! I’ve still got it!’ (You’ll have to watch one of the other clips to understand why she’s ‘KevinTheBimbo.’)

It’s all good but it’s in my mind––last day to buy green bananas: 12 September.





4 thoughts on “Only 24 More Shopping Days––

  1. I’ve been enjoying the various YT videos of the Con – loved your star turn, btw! And as for 9/12, I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts. I vote that you continue to get the good results you’ve been getting!

    • Thanks very much! I did have a wonderful time at the convention I knew I would but everything turned out even better than I hoped. Except, that is, for inbound journey, which was a screw-up from the start, and the home-bound portion of the trip was full of suspense––would I make my connection? How delayed were all the flights in Chicago? And where are my bags now?

  2. You definitely get better with age, Pat! I can only hope that I’ll be half as wondrous as you are when I’m close to being up there, which is in about 20 minutes… LOL! Love you, Pat!

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