It’s Christmas Eve—You Know What That Means

It’s time for my favourite Christmas story. No, this is not your standard Christmas story. It’s not even a Christmas story at all. But I heard it for the first time years ago, and when the holiday season rolled around, it was the first thing I thought of. So I’ve been posting it every year, and I’ll be posting it every year until further notice.

One night, Confucius had a dream about chopsticks.

In the dream, he was transported to Hell, where he saw multitudes of people sitting at enormous tables set out with wonderful foods of all kinds. There was so much food that the tables groaned under the weight and the various aromas were mouth-watering, promising incredibly delectable flavours. But the people sitting at the tables had not touched any of it—they had been told they could eat as much as they liked but only if they ate with chopsticks that were five feet long. None of them could figure out how to eat with five-foot-long chopsticks so all they could do was stare hopelessly at this amazing feast and cry in hunger and misery.

Then Confucius was taken to heaven where he again saw multitudes of people sitting around enormous tables laden with glorious foods. They had also been told they were allowed to eat only if they used the five-foot-long chopsticks. But these people were not crying with hunger and frustration—they were eating their fill, talking, laughing, and enjoying themselves.

Because in heaven, they were feeding each other.

My friends, whatever holiday you celebrate, however you celebrate it, I hope it’s heavenly.


4 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Eve—You Know What That Means

  1. What a wonderful story, Pat, and definitely Christmas appropriate!
    Last time I commented, I neglected to let you know just how glad I am that cancer is still your bitch and I sincerely apologize. I know I mentioned that my Dad had just died at the time and I was in the fresh throes of shock and sorrow. Whilst I am still grieving, I can now process events axillary to me and do realize that there are other persons around me experiencing life, also. So again, I’m so happy you’re still giving it hell and maybe someday I’ll get to a Con and meet you!
    I expect Chris and Jynx are also pleased worth your results, as well they should be.
    May your Xmas be cosy, loving and wonderful.
    Much love and admiration,

    • You have nothing to apologise for! We all handle life, the universe, and everything the best way we know how. I found your comments sensitive and really quite natural and normal, and I actually want this to be a place where people can share their thoughts and feelings if they choose to. I’m glad you shared yours. This blog isn’t private, in that anyone can read it—but I don’t think anyone unsympathetic would bother with it. I mean, what would be the point?

      In any case, *you* are also experiencing life, and what you share is probably helping someone else who is going through something similar, or at least equally difficult, but doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it.

      Much love and admiration right back atcha, Lorraine, and Happy Holidays!

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