I Have Cancer But Cancer Doesn’t Have Me

The level of cancer in my body has fallen again. The hormones I’m taking are still killing off cancer cells.

Today I saw a new members of my oncologist’s team. It was all I could do not to start dancing around her office. Although who knows—she might have danced with me. She looked amazed when she checked the results of my blood test.

On our way out, Chris and I ran into a few fellow-travellers who said they liked my lucky short—i.e., the one that says, I’m Making Cancer My Bitch. I love my lucky shirt.

I’m sorry, I’m not very erudite at the moment. I’m busy rubbing moisturiser on my face and hands, drinking liquids, and celebrating the fact that when life gives you lemons, sometimes it also throws in a few green bananas.

Green bananas for everybody! (I’m not buying; sorry. But I would if I could.)

31 thoughts on “I Have Cancer But Cancer Doesn’t Have Me

    • That would be a miracle. Women live with this cancer but all treatmen is palliative. Incurable but treatable, much like that other terminal condition we all share—life.

      But I might as well try staring it down anyway. What have I got to lose?

  1. Yee HAW! That is such good news! I’m sitting here beaming at my cat who is, as usual, baffled. You need to invent a Green Banana Dance. Then put the video on here. 🙂

  2. Great news Pat! I’m sure all the love being sent your way makes the hormones extra powerful! Have some from me, and many congratulations .

  3. Hey Pat! I’ve been distracted lately with my own problems, but I’m glad to hear how well you are doing. As I try to move back into the world, I’ll try to keep better track. Cheers!

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  5. Oh Pat, I’m so happy for your good news. Say hi to Chris for me. Hope to see you guys one of these days soon.

  6. Hoot, hoot, hoot!!! Just like Old Immortal, you will go when you are good and ready, and not one second before that. So happy to hear this. Love and hugs from me and Ed.

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