Springtime Is Also My Third Chemoversary

Sometime later this month, it will be three years since the end of chemo and, roughly, 1.25 years of borrowed time. Or maybe that’s reclaimed time.

And no, it never gets old. I thought maybe by now, I’d feel bored sometimes, or restless, or dissatisfied. But every day is still a party. It isn’t always the best party ever; sometimes we run out of the really good hors d’oeuvres. Sometimes we run out of ice for the drinks, or clean glasses, or anything other than tap water. But that’s how you know you’re alive—things get messy, cold things get warm, hot things get cold, and you run out of everything except the Marmite-flavoured potato chips.

If you’re lucky, though, you’ve got at least one friend who likes Marmite-flavoured chips and is willing to keep you company until the supply train comes in.

While I never really believed I was going to shuffle off this mortal coil by December 2016, I still can’t help marvelling that I’m well into my second year past the old deadline. Sometimes, I want to run outside, holler, beat my chest, and yell, NO, NOT TODAY, EITHER, NYAH, NYAH, NYAH!

My neighbours probably don’t know how thrilled they should be that instead, I’ve chosen simply to tweet a jeer at Mortality daily. And write the occasional blog post.


17 thoughts on “Springtime Is Also My Third Chemoversary

  1. Hooray for living! You do it SO WELL! Here’s to many MANY more triumphant defeating of mortality! You’re my hero.

      • Quite honestly, I’m glad to see someone besides me does that! I turned in a manuscript last year with a number of similar gaps. I swore the words where there when I finished the manuscript. They must have got loose and fallen off.

        And thank you for your good words!

  2. an inspiring fight… if more realized life is lived one day at a time, there might be more peace in the world… tx for demonstrating that!

    • Thank *you*. My many friends around the world have shown me that life is worth living, and that, given the opportunity, people will show you how good they can be.

    • Thanks! In some ways, it seems like it’s been forever—in others, it seems like just a few months ago—except I’ve got too much hair, of course.

      • I’ll drink to that! I’m letting mine grow a bit longer now and I’m thinking of perming and colouring—

        That’s right—this year I might curl up and dye!

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