Okay, This Time I Was Scared

I didn’t want to admit that. I wanted to say ‘nervous’ but I’ve tried to be honest about everything in this blog and I’m not going to start equivocating now.

Part of it, I think, was having to delay my appointments. I was scheduled for a CT scan but I had to postpone it as well as the appointment with my oncologist because I contracted whooping cough. Seriously, now––who gets whooping cough at 65?

So then there was the CT scan. I haven’t had one for over three years and I’m sure that added to my jitters.

But then when my oncologist came out, she was smiling and I knew she had good news for me.

The level of cancer has fallen a little more and the scan showed that the areas of cancer in my body have actually shrunk a little. I have stabilised.

I feel good; I feel strong. I feel alive. I feel like partying!

Green bananas for everyone, until mid-February!


31 thoughts on “Okay, This Time I Was Scared

    • Thanks for your good words, Beth. I’m pretty sure that having the support of so many good people like you keeping my spirits up probably plays a big part!

  1. Woo hoo! I’m dancing in circles for you here and my cat thinks I’m crazy. (No worries; she’s known that for a long time.) Those weasels and eels you’ve been launching on Mortality are working! What great news! Well done!

  2. Excellent news! I don’t blame you for being scared, I get scared too, I think it’s only natural, because no one wants to receive bad news. I hope it keeps shrinking until it disappears altogether.

    • Having it disappear altogether would be a true miracle. I’ll settle for stable until further notice. There’s so little of it, it might as well be gone.

  3. My Dearest, Most Excellent of all authors in general, Whoo Hoo!
    I, too, am dancing, nay, prancing around the room, or I would be if I could ambulate independently of my scooter… My dear familiar, Schrödinger, simply looks on in disgust, as I giggle gleefully in a manner most unbecoming a GrandMother.
    Congrats on once again defying (defiling?) the odds and may you continue to keep cancer as your bitch.
    On the other hand, Sunday is a year since I lost my Dad to the cancer that made him its bitch. I am trying to keep it together but it’s tough. Your wonderful news most definitely takes off some of the sting and ensures I’ll survive an otherwise bad, sad day.
    You have my love and joy!

    • Cancer never made your father its bitch. It won a physical fight—but it didn’t beat your dad. Cancer can’t beat us, which is why it has to kill us. Hang in there, Lorraine; cancer can’t take away the fact that he’s your dad.

      • You always know just what to say, you may want to look into doing that professionally😳.

        Seriously, I am elated that you are trouncing that evil shite beyond the expectations of the medical “experts” and beyond your, and our, wildest dreams! I’m just giddily pleased by the news that you’re beating it, but I’d bet that your Chris is happier than we can imagine! Besides, we (I) get to keep corresponding with you!
        Keep it up, Woman! You’re definitely one the rest of us can look up to!😸😽🤪

  4. Between mumbling nervously about how much I liked your interview yesterday and the time constraints, I never remembered to mention that my mother is also living with cancer – she has breast cancer and she is also in paliative care, because it spread to her bones, marrow, lungs, you name it. she doesn’t speak english, but I was telling her about your brilliant attitude, not to mention how you already outlived the prognosis by two years and counting. She laughed, lamented that she doesn’t speak English and said “I bet if we could, we’d be able to talk for hours”. She’s still doing chemo, so it’s the rough part of the treatment.

    I really like how open you are about your life and how cancer affected it. I’m also happy that your last CT brought good news. Hopefully you’ll be kicking mortality’s ass for a long time yet.

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