Science fiction, fantasy, and horror writer, three-time winner of the Locus Award, twice-winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award, one-time winner of the Hugo Award. Recovering American living in North London with her husband, the Original Chris Fowler, and their cats, Gentleman Jynx and the Angel Castiel.

Only this is mostly about cancer.

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  1. Not just cancer but about living. What you say about your mum and her fear really resonates with me. We should be trying to live every damned minute of our lives, whatever our state of health.

  2. Hi Pat, i looked you up (enthusiastically encouraged by Nicola Griffith who thinks you’ll want to hear what I want to ask you), and now I’m not sure you’ll be interested, or have the energy. I’m setting up a scholarly book series on Contemporary Women Writers, and wanted to invite you to join the Board of Supporting Authors, as an author in practice. No money involved, but the series will give you a copy of all books it publishes, and if you want to be involved in specific projects or in the series’ direction, that would be great. Let me know if this is something you’d like to talk about more. SF is definitely an area I want to encourage critical writing on. But in any case, I wish you VERY well, and hope your chemo trials will be as successful as mine was.

    • Well, I see my reply here is two and a half years late. I’m aghast at myself. Do you have my email address? If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, get in touch so I can give you my email address along with my grovelling apology.

  3. Hey lady, I just ran across you via Scalzi’s Twitter (I do not tweet, i only read) retweeting the Beeb reporter and the lemurs. I kinda wish I’d known you were in Seattle last summer, ’cause that’s where Ed and I live now. I have no doubt that you will continue to kick Mortality’s ass. Much love from both of us.

  4. Dear Mrs. Pat Cardigan,
    Sorry to bother you, I am from the SFW Publishing, China’s largest SF publishing organization, I would like to ask that is your AI and Trolley Problem’s reprint and Chinese translation right still available?
    Thanks and best regard!

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