Okay, This Time I Was Scared

I didn’t want to admit that. I wanted to say ‘nervous’ but I’ve tried to be honest about everything in this blog and I’m not going to start equivocating now.

Part of it, I think, was having to delay my appointments. I was scheduled for a CT scan but I had to postpone it as well as the appointment with my oncologist because I contracted whooping cough. Seriously, now––who gets whooping cough at 65?

So then there was the CT scan. I haven’t had one for over three years and I’m sure that added to my jitters.

But then when my oncologist came out, she was smiling and I knew she had good news for me.

The level of cancer has fallen a little more and the scan showed that the areas of cancer in my body have actually shrunk a little. I have stabilised.

I feel good; I feel strong. I feel alive. I feel like partying!

Green bananas for everyone, until mid-February!