Christmas Eve––Time For My Favourite Christmas Story

Actually, it’s not a Christmas story in the traditional sense. But the first time I encountered it, it moved me in a profound way and when Christmas rolled around later that year, it immediately came to the front of my mind. I post it every year on my Facebook page and now I’m going to post it here as well. And unlike the story in the previous post, it won’t disappear after Christmas:

One night, Confucius had a dream about chopsticks.

In the dream, he was transported to Hell, where he saw multitudes of people sitting at enormous tables set out with wonderful foods of all kinds. There was so much food that the tables groaned under the weight and the various aromas were mouth-watering, promising incredibly delectable flavours. But the people sitting at the tables had not touched any of it—they had been told they could eat as much as they liked but only if they ate with chopsticks that were five feet long. None of them could figure out how to eat with five-foot-long chopsticks so all they could do was stare hopelessly at this amazing feast and cry in hunger and misery.

Then Confucius was taken to heaven where he again saw multitudes of people sitting around enormous tables laden with glorious foods. They had also been told they were allowed to eat only if they used the five-foot-long chopsticks. But these people were not crying with hunger and frustration—they were eating their fill, talking, laughing, and enjoying themselves.

Because in heaven, they were feeding each other.

My friends, whatever holiday you celebrate, however you celebrate it, I hope it’s heavenly.


7 thoughts on “Christmas Eve––Time For My Favourite Christmas Story

  1. Dear Pat,
    Thx for this less chilling piece 😊 and Merry Xmas from Old Europe, a very Happy New Year (one of many more to come), and looking forward to seeing Reality used to be a friend of mine coming back into print (or ebook?)…warm regards & ❤

  2. I’ve always loved that story. Thanks for bringing it up again! Bests to you and yours! We’ve got 6 inches of snow and counting, here in Omaha. Our first real snow of the year.

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