Okay. Okay. Okay, Yes, Okay!

If you heard something you thought was a crazy banshee on party drugs, that was me.

The Macmillan Cancer Centre told me they were going to call me this afternoon. Instead, they called this morning and it’s taken me a while to calm down enough to type.

The level of cancer in my body has dropped a whole bunch of points. Everything else is okay, except I have to stop taking calcium supplements because I’ve got a little too much.

So I’m off calcium supplements and I don’t get another oncology appointment for another six months. Just as well. I need a couple of days to pull myself together after this one.

So now I know. Cancer is afraid of me. It should be.

21 thoughts on “Okay. Okay. Okay, Yes, Okay!

  1. OMG this is so awesome! Now, get back to work. LOL. J/k I know you are made of work every day. Love you much, lady.

  2. You are a flipping legend. That Mr C is effing right off! Long may it continue. I am still waiting on news of appt that should have been in March. Cx

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